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An inspiring place to spend a few restful moments on a Saturday at noon

As you begin your weekend with a visit to the farmer’s market on Hohenzollernplatz with its many culinary and gourmet temptations, you hear the church bells chime at noon. The doors of the church are open and from within you hear angelic voices.  Curious, you climb the stairs and enter the church with its stunning modern stained glass windows. The NoonSong service has just begun. As you sit with other visitors – young and old, parishioners and visitors – you note the eight singers in festive robes at the altar. They bring familiar and unfamiliar hymns and songs, at times accompanied by the splendid organ. You have time to reflect on the past week, to watch the sun as it plays with the coloured glass, and to let the liturgy take you on an inner journey that brings peace to your soul. After the final organ rendering, you partake of a home-made soup or cake and easily fall into conversation with the other visitors. It is a great beginning to your weekend!

There are already a few videos from NoonSong and we are working to upload more of them in the future. You can also subscribe to the youtube-channel of sirventes berlin.