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Press comments

How can a company like NoonSong be so successful that the church is well filled every Saturday at noon? Is it because a group of enthusiastic singers dares to do something without compromising? Or is it because of the farmer’s market, which takes place in front of the church? You will see many visitors with shopping bags under the church pews. Most likely it is a combination of both factors.

Daily Newspaper: Der Tagesspiegel

That fact that religion and beauty are related can be experienced here. The songs performed here excude an unobtrusive allure, which hint at the spiritual levels of life and the world.

Gunnar Lammert-Türk, Die Kirche

It was puzzling and therefore beautiful. [...] With all the lay events in the normal church services one almost forgets how the old songs sound, when they are really sung well and not just chanted routinely. It is wonderful to hear a clear and high tone float above all the other voices, and then disappear again in the artful polyphony of a composition reminiscent of Orlando di Lasso.

Arno Widmann, Berliner Zeitung

Testimonials from our visitors

"With the scheduling set to Saturday noon and the reduction to 30 minutes, the special liturgy of the NoonSong accommodates to the rhythm of the modern urban dweller"

Federal President Joachim Gauck on January 23, 2010 at NoonSong

"To come to God and to yourself in the midst of the whirlwind of the day, to pause for half an hour in the midst of all obligations, to experience in words, sounds and colours a reflection of paradise: all this is NoonSong ... it is unique to encounter such a time of reflection at noon every Saturday … especially in the metropolis that is Berlin."
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Huber

"The musical noon prayer in the church next to a lively farmer’s market wants to give people respite from their hectic daily life for a moment, to give them time to rest and reflect. The church shows itself in its essential form, as a welcoming and hospitable place, where body and soul find wellbeing."

Pastor Roland Herpich, Director of the Berlin Missionary Office and Commissioner for Ecumenical and World Mission of the Protestant Church Berlin-Brandenburg Silesian-Upper-Lausitz

"The NoonSong is a highlight in the cultural calendar of events and appeals to people far and wide."
Stefan Evers, MdA